The Baptist Counseling Center of Cleveland County

The Baptist Counseling Center is a shared ministry of The Greater Cleveland County Baptist Association and the Counseling Ministry Board of the Counseling Center of Charlotte. The center provides Christian Counseling by a state certified Pastoral Counselor. The Center is located at 120 N. Lafayette in the First Baptist Church of Shelby, North Carolina. (The office is located in the library near the church offices.) All appointments are made by calling Gary McFarland at (704) 472-1437. Leave a voice message and calls will be returned.


The Center will gladly file insurance claims when appropriate. Our association has a client subsidy fund which is supported by area churches, corporations, and organizations. Clients with limited incomes may apply for reduced fees. Some congregations have chosen to be covenanting congregations by including the Center in their annual budget.


Ministers are welcome to make referrals to the Center.