Appointments must be made for all assistance. Please call 704-481-9119 to schedule an appointment

We offer assistance to help during emergency situations.

When funding is available we help with the following:

Utility bills
  • Bill must be in the consumers name
  • We are unable to pay deposits, late fees, or bills from a residence where you no longer live
  • We can only help on utilities once every 13 months
  • We¬† help with food once every 4 months
  • We help with clothing once every 4 months
Life Saving Medications
  • We help with medicine for diabetes, blood pressure, heart conditions, and antibiotics.
  • We are unable to help with pain medicine

We do not do assistance through email or Facebook, you MUST call for an appointment.

Our assistance office is open Monday-Thursday 9:30-3:00 pm please call during those times to schedule an appointment. You MUST have an appointment for assistance.

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