There are an estimated 5.8 million lost people in NC. The Baptist State Convention of NC has developed a strategy to impact lostness in our state.  Here is an explanation of what Pocket of Lostness is.

Two Hundred and Fifty pockets of lostness have been identified in North Carolina. We have five pockets in Cleveland County.

Pocket 109 is a 1.5 mile radius around Bennett Street in the Kings Mountain Area. Total households- 2535  Unreached households-1748

Pocket 124 is a 3 mile radius around West Warren Street in Shelby.  Total Households-9223    Unreached households-6321

Pocket 133 is a 3 mile radius around Bingham Road, in the Kings Mountain Area. Total households- 2225    Unreached households- 1415

Pocket 180 is a 3 mile radius around Artee Road, in the Lattimore Area. Total households-1816   Unreached households- 1147

Pocket 203 is a 3 mile radius of around Power House Road, in the Lawndale area. Total households- 1639   Unreached households- 1053

These pockets represent 11,734 unreached households in our county.

Pockets of Lostness Map

If you are interested in more information about Pockets of Lostness in Cleveland County or in demographic information that will help you reach your community, contact our Associational Missionary, Wesley Smith.